Owen Thomas, who has been the editor of tech/gossip blog Valleywag for the past two years, will be Managing Editor of NBC Bay Area , one of a new series of regional online sites created by NBC Universal.  The site is in beta.

BayArea_5.1 Owen will be an employee of General Electric Corporation, owner of NBC.  Big change from Gawker Media!  More on NBC Bay Area on WebNewser.

Owen's departure and move to NBC from Valleywag was reported earlier today by both TechCrunch and later confirmed by Venture Beat.  Beet.TV has the first details of his job.

I posted an interview of Owen by Kara Swisher.

Below is a photo from my absolute favorite Owen scoop:  It's a photo, National Enquirer style, of the Google founders and wives at the the launch of the "Google satellite" for Google Earth last September.

How the hell he got a photographer with a high powered zoom lens on Vandenberg Air Force Base is incredible.  NBC has gotten one enterprising editor in Owen, for sure.  Congrats.

Update:  More on Owen and his new gig from Kara Swisher.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer