The small number of U.S. newspaper with online video operations, are seeing 27 percent of their online revenue coming from video ad sales, according to a research report released today by Borrell and published in Editor & Publisher by Jennifer Saba.

Whether newspapers are making money on online video, given production costs, is tough to say, but what is clear from the report is that if they have inventory, they can sell it.

We reported yesterday that the demand for online video is a booming business for the Associated Press and other content syndicators.

Last fall, I spoke with Chet Rhodes, Assistant Managing Editor for News Video at the Washington Post.  He explains how his newspaper integrates video into its site.

Below is one of those creative pieces from Chet and his crew.  You will notice that the embeddable player has a pre-roll ad.  So, papers like the Post are monetizing videos on their home pages and wherever the video is used, like right here on the pages of Beet.TV

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer