LAS VEGAS — 3D viewing, currently a growth area for Hollywood's theatrical business, will come to a significant number of homes in two to three years with the adoption of a new cable box from Motorola and new encoding processes, we have been told.

On the convention floor, we spoke with Motorola's Marty Stein who gave an overview of how 3D will be a reality in the home. 

A recent survey of U.S. consumers showed interest in buying a 3-D enabled TV.

Jeez, just when we thought we could produce our show with a decent HD camera, we might now have to be outfitted with a 3-D rig!

Home Networking Gear is Doing OK for Motorola

Motorola came out with weak Q1 earnings today.  While the handset business is not doing well, teh company's Home Network and Mobility  united had $2 billion in sales for the quarter with $115 million in operating earnings.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer