Many video producers embrace a hyper-syndication approach to distributing their videos across many sites, meaning they make their videos sharable on unassociated blogs and Web sites. 

The issue is how to track where those clips are seen, and what is the value to a publisher and advertiser. 

Auditude, a Palo Alto company has created a system to cross reference a huge database of 450 million video clips, indexing specific "fingerprint" information on each. It matches the usage of these videos on some 30 Web sites.  The video database has ingested four years of television from 100 channels.

In November,  the company announced deals with MySpace and MTV, to monitor and report on music video streaming around the web.

CEO Adam Cahan was a panelist at the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable earlier this week at Adobe's offices in San Francisco. I spoke with him after the event

Update: 3/11  The company announced earlier today it has raised an additional venture round.  Here's the report from CNET. .

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer