We read this morning Newsweek's Dan Lyon's rant about the "rotten press" corps in Silicon Valley and that  PR people are mostly paid to "tell lies. "  Well, we don't think that Apple handled the health issues around Steve Jobs properly, but we wonder why Dan is so worked up about Apple coverage these days.

Could it be frustration?  Maybe he is just uncomfortable covering the company and has but cut off from access? 

Back in September up on the MIT campus for the EmTech08 conference I spoke with Dan about covering Apple, particularly in light of his penning the notorious Fake Steve Jobs blog.  He told me he is "uncomfortable" covering the company.

When I asked him about the challenges of covering Apple, following the veteran Newsweek reporter and Apple fanboy Steven Levy, now an editor at Wired, he replied, "…I don't what good did the access did Steven."

At the end of this clip, Dan meets Robert Scoble, skewered in many of Dan's "Fake Steve" posts.

We originally posted this interview in September. 

Update: Jan 19:  Dan emails Tim Arango in the New York Times about the on-air dust-up with CNBC's Jim Goldman, says he's "embarrassed."

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer