Move Networks, the small Utah-based company which has created an impressive high quality, low bandwidth solution to streaming video for ABC, FOX, the and others, will now provide its technology to much smaller publishers through an association with Boston-based PermissionTV.

Move’s streaming technology is not Flash or Microsoft based, it is a technology it calls "adaptive streaming" — a process which breaks up and sends along small packets which are assembed by the user depending on local bandwidth.  In July I interviewed Move CEO John Edwards who explains how the technology works. It involves a small web plug-in.

PermissionTV is a software for service company which provides ways for
companies to integrate video in various Web applications.  It has
primarily implemented Flash solutions.  In October, the curtains went up
on Permission and Move’s implementation of streaming of on-demand
performances by the Metropolitan Opera, available through a subscription service. Some operas are free for viewing.

Permission also collaborates with Move on Fox programming.

Yesterday, I interviewed PermissionTV’s Matt Kaplan for an overview on the company and the new association with Move, which is essentially a reseller agreement.

Today, John Edwards will be speaking at the Future of Television Conference.  We will cover.

Below is my interview with John from the AlwaysOn conference at Stanford this past summer.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer