Beet.TV, launched in 2006, has become an influential and respected source for digital media news and is linked to by major news organizations including CNET and The New York Times. Our audience of 50,000 unique monthly visitors is composed of leading professionals in the media and technology industries.

Sponsored Video Player

Beet.TV’s sponsored video player is featured prominently on the homepage and every page clicked to throughout our site. We produce a series of videos about the sponsor in the Beet.TV style and display each video for a period of one week. The number of videos and duration of the sponsorship are negotiable.

The interviews are conducted with executives and from the sponsor company and, if requested, the sponsor’s leading partners. We work together with the sponsor to determine what interview topics would market the company to its best advantage.

In addition to the sponsored videos, we publish and disclose sponsored blog posts featuring the videos. We also provide the original video files to the sponsor for further marketing use.

Sponsorship Package

We believe that a sponsorship on Beet provides the sponsor with highly valuable brand visibility. We achieve this through a clickable banner ad on the top position of the site with an overlay ad which runs in the videos. This is priced as a sponsorship and not based on CPM or CPC. We expect that there will be clickthrough, but the value for our sponsor is brand awareness.

Banner Ad – Branding from the premier sponsor appears on a rotating 450 x 75 banner advertisement at the top of the Beet.TV homepage. The sponsor banner appears on 50 percent of visits to Beet.TV.

In-stream overly ad – This appears exclusively in all videos viewed during the sponsorship period. The ads come up at approximately 20 seconds in the video and remain present on the lower third of the image for 20 seconds. This ad appears wherever the videos are watched. The ads also appears in files on iTunes and Adobe Media Player. The dynamic ad links to a page designated by the sponsor.

Please e-mail info(at) or call Andy Plesser at 212-420-8383, 101 for further details and pricing.