The impact of online video on the 2008 presidential campaign will be sorted out by political scientists, historians, media pundits and consultants over the months and years ahead, but political strategist and former Edwards campaign senior advisor Joe Trippi tells Beet.TV that the Obama-financed “1984” video effectively crippled Hillary Clinton’s hopes. The mash-up of an old Apple commercial, “smashing the status quo,  has received over 5 million views on YouTube.

I caught up with the veteran Democratic strategist last week at the Time CNN Politics summit in New York.  Joe also shares his views of the McCain campaign’s digital and offline media strategy and predictions for a landslide victory for Barack Obama.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

Disclosure:  Joe is a former client of Plesser Hollland.  We publicized Joe’s book, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.”