Video streaming solution DigiMeld will broadcast PublicScope Film’s “The Third Jihad” online at 2 p.m. today, at the same time as the film’s theatrical release, the company announced. I interviewed DigiMeld Executive Chairman Alex Mashisky last week about how the company’s recent launch of SuperStream grid streaming technology, which allows online video to reach large audiences in real time and will help the Internet to replace cable TV, he says.

Publishers can take advantage of DigiMeld’s SuperStream grid streaming technology through the DigiMeld TV portal, where they can set up live and on-demand video channels. “The Third Jihad”, for example, will stream live at Publishers can monetize their content through subscriptions, pay per view, or advertising.

“It gives us what we need, which is the scale and the reduction in price, but it does not clog the networks, which is what Comcast’s problem was, and other people,” Mashinsky says of the technology. “So we really found the median way between the peer-to-peers and the CDNs and put it in a commercial package that is available to consumers.”

Mashinsky, a serial entrepreneur and author of 50 patents, says that he is confident that the Internet will be able to replace cable TV when video can reach online audiences as large. SuperStream, which launched last month, successfully reached a live audience of 100,000 in a trial, and DigiMeld is working on expanding its reach further.

Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer