The New York Times broke its record for daily visits to its Website with close to 9 million yesterday (9/16), a spokesperson has told Beet.TV, citing internal numbers.  The upheaval on Wall Street, coupled with the presidential campaign and hurricanes have added to to the record numbers, a spokesperson told me late this afternoon.

Traffic has been building for sometime at The Times, with some
growth attributed to the end of the paid subscription model, Times Select.  I’ve reposted my interview with Times online GM Vivian
Schiller which was originally posted in October.

On the most recent Nielsen numbers, Times traffic is soaring, Editor & Publisher Reports:

The, which is the fifth most visited online current events news destination, advanced 52% in August to 19.8 million.

Earlier today we reported that Wall Street Journal had record traffic on Monday.

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer