Our friends down the block at the Silicon Alley Insider have a report out tonight that Daily Candy, the email newsletter company that’s been around for eight years, giving buying tips on fashion, has been sold to Comcast for $125 million.

Looks like the business of email lists is still pretty darn relevant in our Web 2.0, Facebook/Twittering age. 

In May I interviewed Gary Foodim, general manager of the Very Short List, a New
York-based email newsletter business with a pretty eclectic editorial
scope from culture to politics.  In this interview, Gary explains how a
group of experts curate the links and how the blasts drive attention for
video clips and other media. 

The list is over 100,000, far smaller than the 2.5 of Daily Candy, which has regional editions around the globe.

So, a word to publishers, keep your email list clean and updated.

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— Andy Plesser