Just read Saul Hansell’s big piece in The New York Times about Verizon’s huge investment in bringing fiber optic television and Internet service to consumers around the country.  One analyst likens FiOS to a "Maserati for the price of a Volkswagen."

There’s been building anticipation in the Silicon Alley blogesphere about when FiOS will arrive in our fair City. 

I’m excited that Beet.TV will be among the first in New York to get
the FiOS connection — not to our studios on West 22nd Street where we
have a T1 line, but to my new apartment on East 86th Street.  We get
the installation on September 3.

Update:  A Verizon spokesperson told me a few minutes ago by e-mail that I am "quite possibly the first"  FiOS "Triple Play Customer" in Manhattan.  The  package provides phone, Internet and television.  Can’t wait!

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer