, the San Francisco-based, high-brow content site, has an agreement with Georgetown University to host and distribute speeches and conferences from the University. This adds to Fora’s alliances with The Aspen Institute, The New Republic, The Brookings Institution and others.

Fora is one of a growing number of "intellectual YouTubes"  — sites
which produce and aggregate  content from thought leaders in business, the arts
and academia.  BigThink is a recent entry.  The big player in the
field is TED TV.  Stay tuned to a online relaunch of Charlie Rose this fall, which should be huge.

Fora does some original video, but mostly secures and organizes speeches and symposia. Fora is making progress.  It just signed up for a joint venture
with Australia’s ABC television network and will collaborate with The
New Republic this week in posting coverage from the Democratic National

Last month, I spoke with Fora founder and CEO Brian Gruber at Stanford, where he was participant in our online video roundtable.  This interview is published above.

A few days ago, he told me the Fora clips are getting 1 million views per month via its embeddable player.

Check out this video of Joe Biden speaking at the Common Wealth Club in San Francisco.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer