Getting covered on TechCrunch, the hugely influential blog about technology, media and innovation, which is among the most desired and toughest media outlooks to crack, has just gotten much easier with its new video upload page for company pitches.

OK, sure, it’s not like an interview with Michael Arrington, but the the video pitches are uploaded to the site where they are indexed and maximized for search.  For companies who are already in the CrunchBase, a database of companies, the video becomes part of a multimedia folder.

On Monday, Kelsey and I visited with Erick Schonfeld, the Manhattan-based co-editor of TechCrunch.   Erick has been working on the pitch platform for the site which went live last month.

There is not a big barrier to getting videos uploaded to the site, Erick tells me.  Just as long as they follow the guidelines and are not spam.  The clips are maximum 60 seconds in length and need to be uploaded to YouTube. 

We are not sure who will watch the pitch and what will be the direct result.  We don’t think that investors will respond with funding to a public pitch.  However, TechCrunch has enormous search optimization, gallons of "Google juices" — so putting up a video will be key to getting your message or executive widely discoverable.

Sounds like too good to pass up.

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer