It’s not Adobe’s Flash, Apple’s QuickTime or Microsoft’s Silverlight. It’s a technology called adaptive streaming, developed by a small Utah start-up called Move Networks, and it’s revolutionizing the way that online video is being delivered and watched by millions.

ABC Television implemented the technology as its primary video distribution platform.  Last month ABC reported a huge spike in online traffic, and ABC/Disney digital chief Albert Cheng attributes some of the growth to the ABC player powered by Move.

Last week at the AlwaysOn conference at Stanford, I spoke with CEO John Edwards who explains how Move works.

He told me that live streaming is a growing area for Move.
Broadcasters have used the technology recently to stream ESPN 360, the
live Oprah event, the British Open and The U.S. Masters.

Here’s how an image from "Lost" looks on the player:

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer