Today we launched on Bebo, the fast-growing social network purchased this year by AOL.  We are not sure how quickly we can build a community there, but for a video producer, we believe it can be a powerful tool.

Unlike MySpace which only permits uploads to the MySpace video player
and Facebook which provides a video widget called the Wall, Bebo allows
us to easily syndicate our player.  So, our videos appear as we
produce them along with our in-stream advertising. 

Special thanks to Ziv Navoth and the crew at Bebo for inviting us to
create our own channel.  It was easy.  Our talented summer intern
Brittany Messenger created our branded channel quickly. 

In May I interviewed Ziv in Los Angeles. You can find the interview
.  He told me that Bebo drives the consumption of 1 billion video
clips a month — maybe Bebo can drive some more streams of Beet.TV?  We
shall see.

Check our our channel and become a "fan."

Bebo, flush with cash, is building a global, seasoned staff.  The company just hired Kate Burns, longtime Google U.K. managing director, the Guardian reports.

— Andy Plesser