It’s been a year since launched.  The company was co-founded by former Marketwatch columnists Bambi Francisco and backed by Peter (PayPal co-founder) Thiel and others prominent investors. Bambi’s co-founder is Cyril Brignone.

Initially a place for aspiring entrepreneurs to pitch business ideas to potential investors, it is transitioning into an online video news platform about innovation.  The social network of innovators will continue, but the big focus will be on this new video news effort.

Bambi and John Shinal, managing editor are publishing about 5 original videos per day and will increase that number soon through the uploads of contributors.  Right now Vator has two dozen contributors.  She told me that Vator clips are getting 500,000 views per month.  This large number includes the uploaded company pitches.

Bambi explains the transition of the company in this interview I did with her in Los Angeles at the OnHollywood conference earlier this month. 

— Andy Plesser