LOS ANGELES — It was a little depressing listening to Quarterlife producer Marshall Herskowitz give the keynote address at iHollywood today over at the Roosevelt Hotel.  He is clearly still bitter about NBC’s decision to remove his show from its line-up. 

He said that the days of user generate video success, with a hit on YouTube, are essentially over.  The real power for online video success comes from the studios and big media companies who produce and distribute viable content.

In the interview above, I spoke with AlwaysOn founder Tony Perkins at the Stone Rose bar in Hollywood.  Tony also says Hollwyood is finally ascending in the new online video.

The new shape of Hollywood will be discussed over the next two days here the Always OnHollywood conference at the Sofitel Hotel and Beet.TV will be covering.

Editor’s Note: This interview was done with my new Nokia N95.  Not as polished as our norm, but not bad for a camera phone.

Lots of coverage from LA ahead, including our visit to the Sony lot in Culver City tomorrow.  And, a great visit today to MySpace.  Stay tuned!

Below is yours truly hanging out at he bar at Sofitel with Tony  (c) and Dan Farber EIC of CNET News.com


— Andy Plesser