While YouTube has the overwhelming share of video streams, Yahoo! has the greatest amount of TV programming from series to music videos to news programs, leading AOL and MSN. 

It has the "most monetized video streams," a Yahoo! spokesperson told Beet.TV, citing comScore data.  Although revenue is not disclosed, this must be a substantial business for the company.

Karin Gilford is VP and General Manager for Yahoo! Entertainment.  I spoke with her at her office in Santa Monica last Wednesday afternoon.  This is the second of two interviews.

Karin told me that Yahoo! is developing applications for the iPhone.  A spokeswoman declined to provide any schedule for its release and did not indicate if this was imminent.

She spoke about how the industry is reaching a tipping point where television programming will move to the computer in an ad supported model.  Check this out to understand where  Hollywood may be going. This is a good one.

— Andy Plesser