Paramount Pictures is doing some very creative marketing of motion pictures in social networks with an application called VooZoo from Hollywood-based FanRocket.

At Digital Hollywood last week, we spoke with Danny Kastner, CEO of FanRocket.  He gives a pretty lively demo here.

Paramount’s Derek Broes explains the value of FanRocket to CNET’s Greg Sandoval in this big Hollywood roundup story today:

"Fan Rocket was a natural," Broes said. "We are a motion picture
company that doesn’t have a lot of technical experience and we’re not
in a position to be bringing in engineers on staff and start building
things. The folks at FanRocket and Danny Kastner, their CEO,
immediately got what I was trying to accomplish. We took off from
there. VooZoo is only a first step in a larger strategy."

Still more coverage ahead from Digital Hollywood!

— Andy Plesser