One of the most exciting areas of online video is live streaming.  It is on the rise with free platforms including uStream, and Mogulus.  It will become more pervasive once Yahoo!  comes online with its live service.

The question is how is this content monetized  The insertion of advertising into live programming has not been standardized by the IAB, so various models will emerge.

I spoke earlier this week with Max Hoat, CEO and founder of Mogulus.  He said that advertising overlays using Google Adsense would be going into the live stream shortly. He explains how content creators can manage when ads go into their shows. 

For publishers who pay for the service, they have a number of options.  He said that Mogulus is evaluating ScanScout to insert advertising for publishers.

— Andy Plesser

Disclaimer:  We have been using Mogulus to stream live events.  Max and his talented producers have been helpful.  We do not have a business relationship.