I’m not sure if the entire content delivery industry, gathered in an exhibition hall at the New York Hilton for Streaming Media East this week, has taken notice of a wildfire in the bloggesphere suggesting that the new Adobe’s video player, version 10, will destroy the CDN business.

An initial post by Hank "WhyEverythingSucks" Williams, titled Adobe Introduces P2P Flash Player, Kills CDNs  Om Malik followed on with his observations on this.

Yesterday I caught up with Adobe’s Kevin Towes who explained many of the new features of the player and said the new technology is not expected to have much impact on the CDN biz but has plenty of cool new features. 

Update:  See Hank’s comments below and a new post this on his blog.  For more on the potential "disruption of the Internet" by the new Adobe player, read this post by Adam Fisk.

— Andy Plesser