Surely one of the biggest challenges facing publishers seeking to monetize their online video content is how to effectively use ads from a multitude of ad networks.   These ad networks represent the largest pool of online video inventory.

The problem is that there are a number of video ad networks which have different formats.  Moreover, there are a number of ad serving technology companies. Most are not compatible.

San Mateo-based, which started as a platform to deliver overlay ads, has changed course to provide a universal tool which allows publishers to integrate multiple advertising sources — both network and internal inventory.  The new tool was announced last month.

Whether can bring uniformity to the industry remains to be seen, but it would be welcome.

Here is my interview with Adap.tV CEO Amir Ashkinazi.  Before forming, Amir was founder of CTO of which was sold to eBay.  We caught up last week at Digital Hollywood.

— Andy Plesser