The monetization of online video will happen when clips containing overlay ads are broadly distributed on Web sites, blogs, social networks and in downloaded media.  The big opportunity for video content producers are in these emerging syndication schemes, not "destination sites," says Dina Kaplan, co-founder of

Former YouTube executive Daniel Blackman agrees, but says that content creators will need to use sophisticated management systems which can activate specific ads for specific sites.  He says for bigger publishers to use embed clips, they will need to have control over what ads appear on their sites.

Earlier this week, there was some related news about how Brightcove, the largest video video content management services company, is using its platform to distribute videos in many social media sites. 

Daniel, who is a co-founder of HowCast, a producer and distributor of online "how to" videos, and Dina were participants in the Beet.TV executive summit in Washington, D.C. on April 1.

Check this HowCast clip on how to be a sperm donor.  It’s quite informative and cleverly made.

Below is Daniel (r) and Christopher Ma, Vice President at the Washington Post Company.  Chris, a veteran Newsweek reporter, was the founding editor of the He was one of our participants at our meeting held at the Embassy of Finland.