Microsoft is readying the launch of its IPTV platform on the Xbox 360 in the U.K. later this year with British Telecom.  This development was first announced in January. 

The console is doing extremely well in Europe, PC World reports tonight.

I met Microsoft’s Jim Baldwin at the NAB conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday for this update and demonstration.  As you will see, Microsoft is enabling the carriers to offer very interesting interactive applications.   

In the United States, the IPTV platform called MediaRoom and is available through AT&T’s U-Verse.  It is also deployed in China,
Canada,, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Montenegro, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, South
Africa, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, the UAE and the U.K.

A demonstration of the IPTV platform at the show created a good deal of buzz, including this post by Brian Stelter in The New York Times.

Here’s a recent update on the state if IPTV from the BBC.  Here’s the takeaway of the MediaRoom demo at NAB by my colleague Cory Bergman of Lost Remote.

— Andy Plesser