Yesterday in Las Vegas at the NAB convention, I interviewed Adobe’s Ashley Still about the platform.  She explained the novel monetization scheme that involves content creators sharing advertising revenue with Adobe.

She also explained the issue of analytics. 

With iTunes publisher know the numbers of downloads, but many find it difficult to track how many of the videos are actually watched.

Earlier this month, I interviewed executive editor Jim Brady who said that he has very little metrics about video or audio podcasts which are consumed once downloaded.  It’s a problem for him and many other publishers.

Whether the analytics in the new Adobe Media Player will have any impact on its success is tough to say.  But knowing how downloaded media is consumed is a big step forward for our industry.

Here’s the perspective on the subject by Ryan Stewart, an Adobe  "evangelist."

— Andy Plesser

Editor’s Note:  In this interview Ashlee shows off the very cool Beet.TV channel on the Adobe Media Player.  While we are proud of channel on AMP, we have no financial arrangement with Adobe.  And, we are happy the success of our show on iTunes.   AP