All Things D, the web site spun out from a successful conference business run by Wall Street Journal staffers Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, is undergoing a major redesign and will  debut in a month or so, Walt told me in Washington on Tuesday.

We don’t know how the new site will look, but we expect it will feature lots of video now that Walt and Kara are recording so much material these days.

He says traffic and ad revenue is going well and News Corp, the new owners of the Wall Street Journal, has been very supportive.

The conference, now in its fifth year, is completely sold out.   Fortunately there will be  a great deal of video coming out of the conference from the stage and interviews, so we can all be on the inside, sort of.

Walt was the keynote speaker at Beet.TV’s executive summit at the Embassy of Finland.

— Andy Plesser

Here’s Walt Rapping it Down in Finlandia Hall

(Check out the Marimekko tableclothes)