With editing suites sprouting up around town, global control rooms and newly created state-of-the-art soundstages, San Francisco is a booming video production and distribution center. 

Beet.TV was in town a couple weeks back for tours of Current TV and Revision3 and I can report that there is quite a lot going on.

Here is our tour of Current with Justin Gunn, who heads online programming at Current.com, the online component of Current TV, which was launched in October.  The site had 1 million unique visitors in February, a spokeswoman for Current told me.

We visited the global headquarters of the company.  The broadcast studio/soundstage is in LA. 

We will publish our tour of Revision3 with Jim Louderback in a few days.

Working with TurnHere

This awesome tour of Current was shot by our new buddy Peter Duddington, a staff shooter/editor at TurnHere, the Emeryville-based Web video production and services company. 

As part of our new collaboration, TurnHere is helping out Beet.TV in producing video clips around the country and overseas.  As you can see from Peter’s work, the documentary style shooting is outstanding.  Our own David Kavanaugh edited the piece in New York.

Great work Peter!  Thank you very much to Brad, Kelly and all at TurnHere.  We really appreciate the great work and look forward to many more collaborations.

— Andy Plesser