"Don’t be concerned with a host, narration or music, just get close to what’s going on," says
Albert Maysles a giant in the world of documentary filmmaking.

His career has spanned 50 years.  Some know him for his documentary of the Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter" and others for his "Salesman."  His work has had an immense impact not only documentary filmmaking but on broadcast journalism and the emerging aesthetics of web video.  He is one of my heroes and I am delighted to share this interview here.

The work of Albert and his late brother David are chronicled in a new book of photos, stories and images of several of their films. 

At book party in Manhattan recently, we caught up with Albert.  Handling the interview was my buddy Regina Weinreich, who writes GossipCentral.com, the cool insiders’ guide to to the cultural scene in New York.

— Andy Plesser