Last night at the McGraw Hill Media Summit, I attended a private dinner where I had the good fortune to catch up with John Byrne, Business Week’s Executive Editor.

I asked John about his intrepid technology columnist Sarah Lacy, who created a quite firestorm among the digerati in Austin on Sunday at SXSW with her on-stage interview with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

John is sticking by Sarah and her sharp coverage of the social media beat.  He calls the dust up  "much to do about nothing."  He went on to say that it would tough for any journalist to get much more out of the taciturn billionaire.

Also sticking with Sarah are power bloggers Kara Swisher and Michael Arrington.

Not everyone at Business Week agrees with Byrne.  Bruce Nussbaum, assistant managing editor is not to impressed with Lacy’s interview.  He describes her as an "interruptor."

More on the conference to come.  Thanks to Shoba Purushothaman from the NewsMarket
for hosting the dinner.

Update.  Here’s Sarah with her own POV on Business Week.

— Andy Plesser