Gary Vaynerchuk, host of the wildly successful daily online show Wine Library TV, which has some 60,000 viewers, with traffic that greatly exceeds industry Goliath, the Wine Spectator, came by the Beet.TV studios the other night for some wine tasting basics.

Smelling the wine is key — as is swishing it like “mouthwash.” Well, the wines Gary brought over were certainly nothing like mouthwash. Gary really knows his wines and takes a very direct approach to sharing and teaching — there is not one bit of snobbery.

The 32-year-old New Jersey wine merchant, who started his show two years ago (when Beet.TV launched, btw), has become a celebrity and is poised for stardom. Beet.TV has learned that he has been signed by the Hollywood power talent agency CAA. Not sure how his career will unfold. A big TV series, maybe “Top Sommelier?”

I don’t know, but this guy is going to be big. Stay tuned.

We were so pleased he came to our studios and turned us on to some great Chianti, cabs and other nice things to rinse with! Thanks for the vino and the good times.

Update: Robert Scoble reports that the Kevin Rose crew at Revision3, producers of Diggnation and several Web shows, watch Wine Library TV for innovative ideas.

— Andy Plesser