Keith Kocho is the founder of Extend Media, a company that manages online video assets for content owners.  Its closest competitor is the thePlatform, now owned by Comcast.

Today, the company will announce that it will provide content management for NBC Direct, the new initiative which allows consumers to download NBC programs to their devices.  This is big development for the Boston-based start-up.  The companies are making a joint announcement today.  (The press release just went up.)

Here is statement from Vivi
Zigler, executive vice president, NBC Digital Entertainment:

“The media industry is continuously changing, but the one constant is that
viewers want to control how, when and where they get their content. NBC Direct
provides another platform for fans to enjoy NBC entertainment directly from
their desktops.  Our partnership with ExtendMedia has given us the ability to
deliver higher quality, premium television content.”   

Last year, I interviewed Keith about his company’s role in ScanDisk’s Fanfare, a system to manage and download video to local devices.  I’ve reposted that interview on this page.

— Andy Plesser