Not sure if he’s slimmed down for another run for the presidency (probably not) or he’s decided to shape up for the upcoming IPO of Current TV, or he’s just made a personal health decision.   Whatever the reason, I’d say he’s gone down about three suit sizes — and looks terrific.

I saw him this afternoon at Current TV, the San Francisco online/cable/satellite television company he founded in 2005.  Unfortunately my dear viewers, I did not get to interview him. I wasn’t expecting to see him.  I drove up to the Current HQ as the Nobel Prize winner was getting into a Town Car.  My still camera was locked in the trunk of my car and I missed the photo op, entirely.  Ugh!  (Left is a photo of the former Veep from 11/07)

But, I did tape an extended tour of the sprawling San Francisco headquarters and an expansive interview with Justin Gunn who heads up, the company’s new online operation.  We hope to publish the segment in about a week.

Leaving San Francisco

I’ve had a very exciting two days here in San Francisco. I just finished with interviews at Revision3, CNET and Adobe.  Yesterday I attended the Adobe Engage conference, the industry introduction of Adobe AIR. The applications for AIR are amazing. 

Below is my interview with NASDAQ’s Claude Courbois.  He explains how Air provides the computing power to to the desktop to crunch enormous amounts of raw data from NASDAQ. It allow individuals to create charts and graphics of past trading activity.  It’s pretty cool. Here’s Robert Scoble’s video of the demo.  More to come. 

Andy Plesser