An increasing number consumers are creating collections of videos and dynamic feeds of videos which are organized as "widgets" and displayed on web pages, blogs, social networking sites and desktops.

For bloggers and web publishers, having relevant video dynamically is valuable.  Vodpod provides a free solution. 

Talking Points Memo, the influential political blog, just started using the widget, branding TPM TV, according the Vodpod blog.   

NewTeeVee, the authoritative blog about online video, has been making use of the Vodpod video widget program since last year. Here’s how editor Liz Gannes explains the process:

"All the members of the NewTeeVee team have VodPod accounts, and we each contribute to the collection displayed at the top of our page. We like to think of it as an editorially chosen zeitgeist of online video, including viral videos, interesting interviews, and exceptional episodes of the online shows we watch. We’re a text-driven site, but write about video so we want it to be front and center. There’s no formula for what we put in there, but we try to add about one new item per day."

Mark Hall, co-founder of Vodpod came by the Beet.TV studios last month to for a chat and demo.

For some background on the company, check out this piece in VentureBeat.

Below is how the Vodpod widget is displayed across the top of NewTeeVee


You can grab the video code of my interview right here

— Andy Plesser