Newsweek has been ambitiously implementing an in-house video production operation since last fall when it separated from MSNBC, after 7 years.   

A team of video producers at the Manhattan headquarters, and others on the campaign trail and around the globe, are creating around a dozen videos everyday.  For breaking news, the site publishes reports from the Associated Press.

Videos are published on a customized Brightcove player.   A video menu is prominently placed on the upper right corner of the home page.

I spent Friday afternoon with Deidre Depke, editor of   Deidre is a forceful proponent of video on the site.

One of her duties is to interview Editor Jon Meacham on Friday afternoons, as the weekly closes, for his "The Runthrough" weekly segment.  It is a video compliment to his editor’s letter page. Deidre invited me to the taping.  My clip is published on this page.

Meacham’s video just went live.  He gives an overview of the new issue, with cutaways of news images.  The cover story about a looming recession, Bill "attack dog" Clinton on the campaign trail and other highlights.  He’s been doing these segments since last fall.

More reporting on efforts on Newsweek over the next few days.

— Andy Plesser

You can grab the video of this segment right over here.

Note:  In the audio track you will hear me identifying Meacham as editor in chief, his title is Editor.