As you might have guessed, we like beets here at the purple channel — we like ’em grilled, boiled, juiced, on sandwiches and in our soup — ah borscht!

These days you’ll find beets served in some of the fanciest restaurants. But, this wasn’t always the case and Beet.TV has gotten to the root of the story.

Turns out that chef/restaurateur Michael McCarty, who runs the media hangouts “Michael’s” in Manhattan and Santa Monica, first brought the seeds of baby heirloom beets from France to LA some thirty years ago and the beet revolution began.  Amazing but true!

If you want to keep a tab on who’s lunching at which table at Michael’s New York, you can get the seating chart and related buzz from Mediabistro’s fishBowl’s Diane Clehane.
And, by way, Michael’s has a terrific beet salad prepared by chef Robert Ribant and served to my partner Kent Holland by Steve Millington.  (Pictured above.) Yum!

For this and other recipes, you should get Michael’s new book.

You can grab the video here.

— Andy Plesser