Today I spoke with Tina Brown, the doyenne of the New York media world. Having served as longtime editor of Vanity Fair and New Yorker,  she is now a best-selling author with the recently published book about Princess Diana, The Diana Chronicles.

There are reports that she will be developing video properties for HBO.

Speaking about changes in the media, Tina sees an opportunity for a dedicated online video news channel.  She told me today that "network news has become almost irrelevant" and that CNN has gotten "softer and softer."

I caught up to Tina at Michael’s restaurant, the media world’s epicenter, in Manhattan today. I was having lunch with my partner Kent Holland and longtime friend and former client Blaise Zerega, deputy managing editor of Portfolio.

More on my lunch at Michael’s including an interview with Michael and the his essential role in brining beets to the American gourmet palate. True!

Grab the video code of this interview here.

— Andy Plesser