Here at the purple channel, we’ve been covering video bloggers who are exploring and establishing the medium.   But none have had the impact of the Italian video blogger Beppe Grillo

In today’s Technorati rankings of the most influential bloggers, determined by the number of other blogs that link in, he comes in at number eight — ahead of Daily Koz, TreeHugger and GigaOM.  This is out of tens of millions of blogs.

Since his blog has so much original video, we call it a video blog and consider him the world’s most influential video blogger.  That’s pretty amazing, considering the blog is in Italian, although there is an English version and videos have English captions.  His channel on YouTube is quite popular.

Today’s New York Times has a front page feature story by Ian Fisher about the growing malaise in Italy and a big movement to reform the country spearheaded by Grillo with his blog.  The article is the most e-mailed article on the at this hour.

Accompanying the article is a video feature, which I’ve posted above.

— Andy Plesser