Here’s my second interview with Dan’l Lewin, Microsoft’s main man in Silicon Valley and the  executive in charge of finding and cultivating promising start-ups around the globe. 

The company is seeking to align, provide services, and in some cases acquire start-ups through a global program called Microsoft StartZone.

Innovation is happening far beyond Silicon Valley and Redmond — in England, India, Israel, France, Singapore, Finland and many other places.

You can grab the code of my interview with Lewin right here.

Beet.TV Opens Helsinki Bureau

Well, since innovation is global, so should be the scope of Beet.TV.  I am pleased to say that beginning this week, we will have original reporting from Europe from our correspondent in Helsinki, Mika Hentunen.  Mika is a veteran television reporter for Finnish television.  We are delighted to welcome him to the show.

On Friday, Mika was at Nokia’s global headquarters in Espoo for an interview about intellectual property issues.  Very timely indeed with all the the patent squabble with Qualcomm and the potential run in with Apple of the iPhone.   Please  stay tuned for Mika!

— Andy Plesser

Circled in red below is the location of the first Beet.TV foreign bureau (sort of)