Ford Models, the powerhouse modeling agency, has been producing hundreds of online video clips and distributing them on MySpace, Revver, YouTube, Veoh and other platforms.

Ford’s channel on MySpace is hosting a global model search competition culminating in January. Its channel on YouTube is among the most watched.

Earlier this week, the agency announced a "long-term strategic investment" from Stone Tower Equity Partners, a New York-based investment group with some $14 billion under asset management.  Terms of the investment in Ford were not released.

Yesterday, Ford president John Caplan told me that funds would help build out the agency’s online video venture.  John joined Ford from  He is transforming the agency into a media company.  I interviewed him earlier this year and reposted my interview with him today.  Ir’s a cool clip which includes a tour of the agency’s offices.

For an interesting take on Ford as a media entity, check out this piece by Business Week media columnist Jon Fine.

You can grab the interview with John Caplan right here.

Ford Model Teaches Pilates!

This is a pretty awesome video.  I wish I could follow Lorie Baker, she has some incredible moves!

— Andy Plesser