Jayant Kadambi, CEO and co-founder of YuMe Networks, an advertising network for online video, told me that women viewers, from ages 18-34, are highly desirable to marketers and get higher advertising rates then men in the same age group.

As far as rates at YuMe, he says that cost-per-thousand views, the measurement used to set a price for selling advertising, ranges widely from $1 to $80.   He said that overlay ads were performing very well, relative to conventional banner ads.

YuMe, which just raised a new venture round, has been making progress, notably a deal to manage advertising for Microsoft’s Window’s Media Center.

I interviewed Jay at the NewTeeVee conference in San Francisco last week.

You can grab my interview here.

— Andy Plesser 

Update 11/21:  The Wall Street Journal has a story (subscription) today about how Madison Avenue is finally catching up with the imperative to make advertising work for women.  Duh!