Robert Scoble may leave PodTech when his contract expires in February. In this post early this morning, he writes, "I’ve been thinking a lot about my future…"

It’s been 18 months since he left Microsoft for Palo Alto to join PodTech.  (Beet.TV broke the news and got the root vegetable on the blog map.)

Unlike most of PodTech’s products, which are "custom" or paid media coverage,  the Scoble Show
is an editorially independent video blog.  And, its come along way from rambling interviews on giant
100+ MB files, to nicely edited Flash videos. He’s done 300 clips.

His Scobleizer blog has never
been part of PodTech, and although its lost some of its traction over
the past 18 months, is retains enormous influence.

So, what’s next, if indeed he leaves PodTech?  I hope he develops and monetizes his own brand.  He is the
visionary in business video blogging and our industry is about to take
off.  He attracts a targeted audience that advertisers want to reach.
I think he could do really well. 

I spent time with Robert in San Francisco a couple weeks back at the NewTeeVee conference.

In this interview with him, he explains the opportunities in
business video blogging.  It’s fairly simple:  Video can be searched
through Google.  For niche publishers, there is a wide open field and
enormous opportunity for quality video with proper metadata to be
discovered and consumed.  And, yes, marketers will pay very high CPM’s
to be associated with this sort of content.

Believe it!

You can grab the code of this clip right here.

— Andy Plesser