At Streaming Media West this week, one of the big trends was the growing business alliance between content delivery companies (CDN) and innovative technology platform companies such as Move Networks and Pando Networks.

Move Networks, the video distribution system that powers the beautiful ABC Television online player, signed up with Level3

Pando, the P2P company that moves big video files, linked up with big CDN player Internap to create a hybrid content distribution system.

We are big fans of Pando and use the system to send around videos within our organization. 

CEO Robert Levitan is the subject of feature in The Deal’s TechConfidential.  Great story and video interview with Robert who co-founded iVillage and Flooz.  There are stories on five NYC entrepreneurs just published on TechConfidential.

We’ve grabbed the video of Robert being interviewed by TechConfidential’s Mary Kathleen Flynn.   

— Andy Plesser

Full Disclosure:  Beet.TV has a production agreement to make videos for The Deal.  This fancy two-camera shoot was done by our very own David Kavanaugh.