Low priced laptops are starting to reach millions school children in a number emerging countries. But most of these are not the Linux, AMD-powered ones designed by MIT’s Negropontewsj
Nicholas Negroponte. 

Winning is the Windows-based Classmate from Intel, reports Steve  Stecklow and James Bandler in today’s Wall Street Journal. Stecklow provides a video report to his story (above). 

Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential Group, a division that targets the education  needs of students in emerging markets, is selling a $3 software package, which includes a student version of Office and other applications.  The Journal reports that millions of these have been sold to the governments of Libya, Egypt and Russia.

Putting its spin on the WSJ story is One Laptop Per Child News. (11/26 — And Fake Steve Jobs has unique his take on all this.

Beet.TV was up in Redmond a few weeks ago and interviewed Lauren Woodman, who works in the Unlimited Potential Group. She holds the title of  Senior Director of Government & Education Engagement Programs. I’ve posted our interview with her below.