Microsoft’s new Silverlight will be one of the big developments in online video next year. The key event where news will happen will be at MIX08 in Las Vegas in March.  Steve Ballmer will keynote. 

Ryan Stewart, the guru of rich media applications who has a column at ZDNet, just posted about the event: "One of my favorite conferences of the year."

Here at the purple channel, we’ve been covering the introduction of Silverlight closely.  A few weeks back we were up in Redmond to interview two key Microsoft executives on the Silverlight team, Jim Thill and James Clarke.  I’ve posted the video above.

We are going Las Vegas!  Hope to see you there,  but better book now as it sold out last year and with Ballmer on the scene, it’s going to be tough ticket.

You can grab the video embed code of our interview here.

— Andy Plesser