Extend Media is the company that has implemented the backend technology for Fanfare, the music and video portal from SanDisk.  The site interfaces with a simple, inexpensive USB device that takes videos from the computer and allows them to be plugged into a TV set.

Like iTunes and AppleTV, the new service will provide a way to download and play videos to a television set.  (Fanfare does not yet work on Mac OS, but will shortly, I am told.)

There is a thorough and fairly positive review of the device and service just published in Business Week.

Keith Kocho, founder of Extend Media was in the Beet.TV studios earlier this week. He expressed his admiration for Apple’s accomplishments but says that AppleTV has not succeeded as a convergence device.  Plus, he calls it too expensive.   

The little USB device from ScanDisk costs under $150 and is simple to use — and travel with.  I guess the big question is how much content will be available through the Fanfare portal. 

Grab my interview with Keith here.