October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we figured it would be a good plan to produce and stream videos about the disease including clips about screening, genetics and therapies.   

These videos are beginning of a new medical channel dedicated to women’s health.  We’re still working out the format/branding, but we have already published several interviews with leading physicians and geneticists in Manhattan.

You can find our first show, Understanding Breast Cancer, right here.  You can subscribe via RSS and as a Podcast. We will be adding segments on an ongoing basis. 

These medical stories won’t be part of the Beet.TV main digital media channel.  But, from time to time, we will post videos here about digital imaging, which leads me to my wife Kathy.   

She is an extraordinarily accomplished radiologist in private practice in New York.  Her specialty is women’s imaging and she is deeply involved with advanced technologies including MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), digital mammography and ultrasound.   

In this clip, you will find Kathy with her giant MRI magnet along with a demonstration of the images of breast cancer it renders.

— Andy Plesser