Kara Swisher has been following the introduction of Joost.  Today, Joost is available without an invitation.  Kara wonders how the interface will improve.   Here’s what she writes in her post today:

Those who were invited in and already using it now get a better interface and a way to find shows that seems more intuitive (the old carousel approach was plainly confusing, so let’s just forget it ever happened).
It will also open its API for third-party apps–in other words, widgetmania continues unabated!
We are no Walt Mossberg, but found the pre-beta version a bit buggy and often annoying, so this is an improvement. Now, bring us more programming we like (and, um, not more of investor CBS’ gross-me-out “CSI”)!

Above is her interview with Joost CEO Mike Volpe. Below is an image from Joost.  Here’s the story on NewTeeVee.


— Andy Plesser