Fora.TV, is a bit of an amalgam of C-SPAN and YouTube: a vast collection of authoritative academic, government, NGO and business conferences, speeches and summits from around the globe.

Health care is a substantial channel on Fora, and Pfizer has just come on board as the channel sponsor.  It’s the first sponsor for Fora.

We think for image-conscience companies like Pfizer, being associated with such authoritative content is a big plus.  As we figure out the commercialization of niche Web video, the sponsorship model is the way to go.

Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s Lee Gomes with a very interesting take on the sector and  Fora.

William Randolph Hearst III is the principal investor in the company.

I caught up with Fora founder and CEO Brian Gruber in his San Franicisco office a few weeks back.  Brian is a former senior executive at C-SPAN and ZDTV.

— Andy Plesser

Grab the embed code of my interview with Brian.