uStream’s been getting some nice notices from Robert Scoble, the New York Times and others. The company provides an easy and free platform to share high quality live video.  Users just connect a webcam to a PC or Mac and  can generate a  pretty nice live stream.  Using a  camcorder and external mic really work well.

This is one hot sector.  Just today, Blog.TV launched. It’s an Israeli start-up that is allowing live video streaming to  Facebook. Techcrunch  has the details.

The Deal’s Tech Confidential has just published the list of the five best tech entrepreneurs under 40.  Sure, Kevin Rose makes the the list, as he should, but we were very pleased to see one of our favorites, Christopher Yeh, CEO of uStream, given the honor.

Also named were Music Nation’s Dan Klaus, Ramu Yalamanchi of hi5 Network and Di-Ann Eisnor of Platial Inc.  Congrats all around.

Giving us the rundown on some of the winners is Mary Kathleen Flynn Senior Editor at The Deal’s Tech Confidential. You might remember Mary from PC Mag, MSNBC and CNNfn.  Great to have her on Beet.TV!

— Andy Plesser

Grab the embed code of my interview with Mary Kathleen Flynn.